Different Wilkenson VS100s?


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Okay - someone out there help me out.  I know that I want a Wilkenson tremolo for my guitar, but I'm seeing all sorts of variation in regards to the "VS100"...

I've seen the VS100N, the VS100G and even the plain old VS100...  Some one (I seem to recall) here said that the only difference was N was for Nickel, and G was for Gold, but I've seen several sites that have "VS100N" in Nickel, Gold, and Black (?!?)  Also, some pics of the tremolo show just a plain solid base plate, while others show a base plate with notches  routed into it for the saddle height adjust screws (to keep the saddles straight)...

What GIVES?!?!? :icon_scratch:

Eric "GuitarEC" C.
ok if some sites have it listed simply as VS100N and then the different color options i'm thinking they wouldn't have a seperate page for the gold or other colors.....the way wilkinson usually designates the different types is by using different numbers (VS400) or letters (VSV400) and the VSV models are the ones with the 6-hole plate V=vintage.  i'm not exactly sure what you're asking with the base plate notches part since all the wilkinsons i've seen use the same basic setup with the 2 saddle screws and grooves in the plate to guide them, but there are differences in the saddle design if you look closely enough at the different models.... hope this info helps...

:party07: rico
Save yourself some trouble and order the bridge from Warmoth. I know that they and at least StewMac are selling the same Wilk tremolo, but there are a number of people on eBay and at some other online locations that sell Chinese knock-offs for about half the price as Warmoth/StewMac that may LOOK just alike, but when you go to install them the stud spacings don't line up to the pre-drills or there are other issues.