Deluxe 5 bridge

only if you want your B and G strings floating in space  :sad:

it is possible to use a 17.5mm bridge, but that's as far as I'd comfortably go. an 18mm bridge puts the outer strings right on the edge of the fretboard rendering them unusable

all the best,

Thanks for the response. I really like the Geckos and just ordered a 5 w/19mm bridge. That is the spacing that I prefer. I was planning ahead for o a possible 2nd build using the G5 body and angled neck. I was comparing them to my Pedulla Rapture-34" scale, 19mm, and my Lakland Skyline-35" scale, 19mm. I like both but I can tell the difference in that extra inch. I was thinking about something with a similar feel to the Pedulla.