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Hi all. This is my second Warmoth build. First time painting a guitar body, and first time owning a chambered body. It's crazy light and extremely comfortable to hold & play. I play live a fair amount when it's not pandemic out, so I like the idea of less weight on me on-stage. I'm always blown away by the good folks at Warmoth :yourock:. I configured and paid for the body and neck on 5/7, and even with a closure due to the pandemic, I received my custom body, neck, and the other stuff in almost exactly 4 weeks (ordered 5/7, received 6/10). That's impressive. :hello2: Everything showed up in perfect condition, and with all the correct stuff. It took me 3 days to complete. I painted the body with automotive paint that I had mixed and put into spray cans. I did primer, pure white base, blue pearl midcoat, & 2k Satin clear. To shoot it, I built a spray booth in my garage out of an EZ-Up, plastic sheeting, and of course....duct tape. Simple but extremely effective. It even had power for additional lighting.

This guitar is straight-up amazing. Sounds awesome, feels awesome, plays awesome...I love this guitar.

Here's a rundown on how I configured it:

Model: Chambered Jazzmaster®
Orientation: Right handed
Scale: 25-1/2"
Wood: Alder on Alder
Rout: Top Rout
Pickups: SD P90 & SD Invader SH-8B Humbucker
Controls: Dedicated volume for each pup. No tone pot. 3 way Gibson toggle so I can shred like Tom Morello :guitarplayer2:
Knobs: Black knobs. They get the job done. I like the Warmoth ones - they're weighted properly.
Bridge: Recessed TOM-Angled Strings
Jack Rout: Strat® Top Jack Rout
Neck Pocket: Strat® Shape
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt
Pickguard: White Pearl
Finish: Pure white basecoat with House of Kolor blue pearls midcoat. Satin clearcoat buffed with #0000 steel wool

Style: Jazzmaster®
Construction: Modern Construction
Orientation: Right Handed Reverse
Neck Wood: Goncalo Alves
Fingerboard Wood: Ebony (Black)
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Back Shape: Standard thin
Fret Size: SS6150 (Stainless)
Tuners: Grover 505BC6 Locking Rotomatics
String Nut: Fender LSR
Radius: 9.5-14" Compound
Scale: 25-1/2"
Fret #: 22
Fretboard Inlays: Bloody Basin Jasper Dots
Side Dots: Moon Glow Side Dots (3mm)



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