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Im going to make my first warmoth guitar and I want to do a fender mustang. It was going to be just a fender mustang with humbuckers in it but I got thinking I didnt really use tone knobs much anyways and so I was thinking about taking apart one of my distortion pedals that I use to boost my pickups called an EH LPB-1 power booster. Its tiny and it just has a boost knob on it and I was thinking about sticking it inside the guitar for an onboard distortion kind of thing but I was wondering is this even possible? I know for the pedal to work it has to have a jack in the output so if I put it in the guitar I obviously cant do that. Do you think theres any way to do this?
here's a schematic , check to see if there is a difference between power booster and line booster , or if it's a typo .

If that's the schematic this will be crazy easy.  You want to use the existing output jack, rewire your guitar's guts into where the input jack went, and replace the stomp switch with a DPDT of some sort.

So yes, it's very possible.  But the fact that you asked makes me think you might not be the person to attempt it, no insult intended!!  Maybe you can find an electronically-minded friend to do it... just show him the booster and the schematic and explain what you want to do.  If that's not an option, take it apart and show us some photos of the insides... we can probably tell you what to solder where.

Don't forget to get the body routed for a battery box.
Thats true I might not be the person to do this, Im 16 and this is my grade 12 carpentry project and the most soldering I ever did was fixing the output jack on my guitar so.. Im sure I can find someone though now that I know its do-able.
does there have to be a battery box though, it cant be powered by the jack like the pickups are?
You'll need to consider a route for the "transplant" . . .

Tell us everything . I'm assuming you might do the body yourself in Shop and would buy a W neck ? or also buy the body ?
There are templates for the body out there and since it's the beginning of  the school year , you can make it a project for the full year !?

What pick up configuration , with or with out pickguard , jack placement , bridge , knob configuration , rear/top route ,
it all matters . . . Sorry ! Give us a picture that is as close as you can get that depicts your intentions .

"Custom" is a "BIG" word :headbang1:

We'll be waiting . . .


Jibberin said:
does there have to be a battery box though, it cant be powered by the jack like the pickups are?
This tells me you should first, make a nice guitar, and then after that's all done and you're happy, maybe think about taking this on. Get the body routed for a battery box and plan to install your stomp box eventually. No offense intended, I'm just trying to give you useful advice. Better not to try and build the death star on your first attempt.
The space for electronics inside a Warmoth Mustang is tiny:

There's like, NO room there for extras - I dug out a side jack hole so I could put a three-way switch and concentric pots in mine, but the space was still really, really tight.


Warmoth can possibly back route their regular control space - I just had them leave off the standard bridge routing. Then again, if it's your shop project and part of the purpose is to learn how to make wood do things, and you've got a teacher and a full shop, well.... :hello2: Warmoth can make their pickguard for any combination of pickups ($28) but you might have to cut out a plate from a pickguard blank if you're going to front-route more stuff. The Mustang is only 1.5" thick, too - a Warmoth battery box route is 1.25" deep, I kinda doubt they'd even do it. :-\
at this point , a custom rear route is the path we should take . . . it won't change the facial accoutrements , right ?
If i remmeber correctly, in the Warmoth gallery there was a guitar that has the circuit of a MXR Phase 90 in its guts. Luckilly, it'll be from a forum member. All i remmeber right now it that it was black...
Since a Warmoth rear route is deep enough so that the pots fit through on a 1.75" body, isn't it deeper than the Mustang body total? Mebbe a 1.75" thick Jaguar would be a better starting point, if you're sure of the 24" scale. Or, route everything sideways if you've got a shop at hand and a good teacher, and cover it over with a custom pickguard. I could route stuff at that age, but I started using power tools at about six years old... now I prefer hand tools, go figure. :icon_scratch:
Well yeah Im buying the neck and parts from warmoth and I already made the body I just need to get all the parts now
Yeah its just a fender mustang with a 24" scale neck and I want it to have 2 humbuckers and all the standard mustang electronics except for the tone pot which Im going to replace with a switch and the potentiometer from the boost pedal and I want the jack on the top
Jibberin said:
Well yeah Im buying the neck and parts from warmoth and I already made the body I just need to get all the parts now

O.K. lets see where you are at with the body , whereever you are in the process , we'll all understand . . .
put up the face and backside please.
Well Im home from school now and I have to leave it there but basically right now its a fender mustang body and the back has no routing on it yet and the front just has the routing for the two humbuckers and Im holding off of making the neck pocket until I get the neck so that it fits good..