Custom Body with Warmoth LP Neck


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I am building my own LP style body with a carved top.  I ordered a LP neck from Warmoth.  I am having trouble calculating the depth of the neck pocket to accommodate the 4.4 degree angle.  I know the pocket would be 5/8 inches deep if I was mounting the neck parallel to the body.  But since I am trying to achieve an angle, I'm not sure whether to lift up the back side (closest to the pickup) or lower the front side.  I've seen pictures of what the end result should look like, but I'm not sure how to get there!  Thanks in advance.


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What *I* would to: measure how much from the neck will need to be on neck pocket (see the high of the bridge and match with the neck + frets and the action of string you wish) and then make it still straight on the body... then put the angle that you want in the router and route the neck pocket untill you reach the end (without taking wood from the end, just reaching)...

I would use probably 3º anglee...