CRL 3 Way Switch Wiring


Hello, I will probally catch heck for asking but anyway. My son has a mexican telecaster. The 3 way switch broke, I went to the local music store and bought a CRL 3 way. With no instructions I started searching, the original that broke was a flat type with all solder tabs to one side. When I cut out I left a touch of wire to match up but this doesn't help now. The new switch has 4 tabs on each side and every diagram I find doesn't match mine. Mine when looking at it with the spring at the bottom left starts with the first tab at top right. No diagram matches that. Also I see diagrams wired for center position being in series or parallel. I don't know what that means. Help is much needed....
I found this diagram  it shows the correct position of the lugs on the switch I have. The best I read into it is only the neck and bridge pickups work this way. When the switch is placed in the middle it touches lugs that no wires will be attached to. Am I correct on this.
No shame man, everyone has to learn sometime.  :icon_biggrin:

The pic below from stewmac shows what your replacement switch probably looks like.  1 2 and 3 for the positions and C for common.  If its a standard Tele you should have 1 hot lead and 1 ground wire from each pickup.  Depending on manufacturer the spring can be on either side so just pay attention to where the wiper is making contact to which lugs as you move the switch lever.

Parallel or series wiring changes the polarity of one of the pickups to help eliminate hum (or not...depending on how its wired) when both pickups are active.  I'd say stick to the standard diagram if you don't know which one you want.


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It is not a Nashville Tele. It has 2 single coil pickups. Blue313 if I go by diagram # 9 my # 1 on top left and # 3 on bottom right are always in contact with the slider arm no matter where the selector is located. The little music shop where I bought the switch said it came from Warmoth.
Those two lugs that are always in contact are where the pickups connect to.  Those are the ones that are marked as C, and from the sound of it yours are just reversed from that pic.
Thanks for the info. now knowing the commons are where the pickups attach, the seymore duncan diagrem listed above seems to be the right one for me. The lugs aren't the same pattern but the commons are in the right place. I will get it in this weekend and make my son happy.
Thanks again