crappy wah sound


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I have a pedal board setup and when i have it set up through the effects send and return my crybaby sounds like garbage.  I like how my other effects sound through the send/return, but i always have to set up the wah between the guitar and the amp.  My pedal setup is whammy-wah-tubescreamer-phaser-pedal tuner-delay-noise suppressor.
yeh that'll happen

my wah is he firts pedal in line and this is teh msot common place for it
I forgot to throw my favorite box in there..the BBE Sonic Maximizer stomp box.  I don't know how i could live without my little punch box.
I woudln't say the wah never works in the loop.  some people want that sound.  but most don't.  Mine goes before the preamp.