Conversion Neck Contours


I guess I'm new to this so Hello everyone.
  Heres what I have going on. I am making Tele, I already have to body, and I now I'm going to order the neck. Right now I play a Gibson les paul  voodoo and I like the scale length, I like the neck contour so I thought I would go for a Conversion 24 3/4 neck.  I wanted to get the Wolfgang neck contour but for some reason they cant do CUSTOM CONTOURS  on the conversion necks. SOOOOOOooo.... SHould I get Fat Back ,
BOat NEck, or THin?????

Im in rut....I need some suggestions.
I suggest you trade me your LP Voodoo  :laughing7:  But seriously...  I think the fatback probably comes closer to the LP, but I can't say for sure.  But personally, I'd go with either the fatback or boatneck.

Yeah, trade me your Voodoo... :sad:
Why can't they do custom contours on conversion necks.  This is a real bummer.  I wanted a Wenge/Ebony conversion with a Wolfgang back.
Did you measure your neck's thickness?  Did you check the nut width?
The gibson necks have changed thicknesses over the years.

That said, either the thin or boatneck will work, with probably a 1 11/16 nut.  The wider neck gives you a little bit more room to move around.
Well you can do a 59 roundback according to the website which I believe is supposed to be a copy of the Gibson 50s necks, and this sounds like the kind of thing where you call them up and maybe it is possible, maybe you've got to pay a special handling fee - it is a custom parts shop. They're great on the phone, last time I called them they picked up on the first ring.