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Last night I hooked up my strat and my recent build (rosewood > mahogany, Lollar pickups) to have a look at harmonics, see how visual the tonal difference was between the two axes.

What I saw was the W-build showed far more overtones across the board, I can't say what's coming from the body vs the pickups. Whichever, was nice to see the visual representation of the tone.

One thing surprised me was the 60 HZ line in the frequency spectrum was 15-20 dB lower in my Warmoth build, I'm attributing that to the shielded control cavity (3 layers of conductive paint with copper foil on the cover).

Also nice to see. The guitar isn't hum-free when single-coils are selected, but better than the Fender factory provides.
Mayfly said:
Hey Sadie,

Gotta pic of that spectrum analysis??
Here you go. The scope B channel has a nearly identical probe plugged in and is good for seeing the stuff not coming from the guitar (like 60hz hum)

I posted once but I think I'd flubbed the plots twice now, hopefully 3rd time is the charm, here are E2, G, E4.

Sample to sample amplitudes aren't well matched, c'est la vie.

p.s. if you have or just want to DL Picoscope or have Matlab, I can send you the capture files.


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