Control Freaks

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I've received some interesting PM info regarding how some members have been acting lately - namely Hannaugh.

So, I'm making this point plain & clear:  as much as you can't stand it, we can like/dislike whatever the hell we want... just like you.

(That also means we don't have to like you, either - especially if you're going to act like a big control freak on the board)

I, for example, can (and have) argue(d) with say GoDrex or tfarny, but I am certainly wise enough to realize that I cannot control what they like/dislike.

I have never once reported someone who has argued with me or even called me names.

I am also not interested in locking someone down just because their opinions/likes/dislikes differ from mine.

As an adult, you should know all this by now - please grow up.

(This topic is locked as there will be no further discussion - and it had to be said; this childish control freak crap is getting out of hand)
Not open for further replies.