contoured heel


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I feel kind of retarded having never thought about it much before, but if you had the contoured heel, wouldn't that sort of forego the use of a neckplate?

I just realized I've never seen much of people's guitars with that contour, and I would hope that you wouldn't have to use one.

Isn't it on some sort of funny bevelly angle?
No, you still need the neck plate. It tops the screw head biting into the wood on the back of the body and spreads the load across a wider area. There is no difference in this whether it a bevelled or non-bevelled neck. You actually think that the screws wouldn't sit flat against the angled neck plate, but whilst that is true, it's only minor and you don't end up with the screw heads sitting proud of the neck plate where it might catch on things.
I prefer this scallop cut I had done on my tele, kinda like the Jacksons better than the contoured heel as they call it. Which really isn't contoured just the heel cut at an angle..
As you can see on mine, you need the plate for the contoured heel.  Really the interesting thing is that the screws still fit pretty much flush against the plate.  There's no gap at all.  I must say I'm a really big fan and will definitetly get this option with any future warmoth guitars.

The only one of mine that doesn't have the contoured heel is a Tele build I got out of the clearance section.  To me, a contoured heel is a must.  And all have neck plates, to spread the tension over a wider area.
wow, way to go, that PERFECTLY answered everything I had to ask!

:guitaristgif: Seriously, thanks all

I'm actually looking to do a combination of the Jackson/Jem kind of contour and what Warmoth does on my Tele body (it needs some other work as well - not a new one).

I'm not sure how people play high up on the neck a lot without doing something with the heel - it's really in the way up there.