Confirmation email - how long does it take?


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Maybe somebody has some experience here -

I gave my order to Jay for a thinline body with tune-o-matic and p90xhb routes, neck, etc etc.  That was Friday.  Later on on Friday, I got a phone message that said I'd have to ok things via email because of non standard routes and all. 

Question is - I've never received that email... How many days does it take for them to get it going?

My experience has been that these guys are all over it, and though like most of us,..... no ..."like all of us other guys" you have caught the same bug we get the second we decide what we want and order, you want it now and until you get it will be a nervous nelly...hahahahahahaa

No disrespect intended......Im sure once they get the paper work to the proper stage you'll get your call, as its a get in line process, and these guys do the best they can for everyone, so Im sure its just a matter of reaching that stage in developement, when attention is directed to your order, ...........I had ordered in the winter months, which is their busy season, and they quoted me 4 months and it took 4months, I wasn't upset, but did call on occasion, though I found it wasn't necessary, and also found these guys get a whole lot of these kinda phone calls and worries Im sure its not unusual what your going through, but by all means its your guitar, give em a call they'll set ya straight so you can stress less..........kinda...hahahaahhaahhah........

Honestly Im amazed they roll with the punches so well down there, customer service can be a Thankless and pain in the Arse job at times...
Hi, I was wondering exactly the same thing. I posted an order 2 weeks ago, and havn't had any kind of confirmation that it was received. I thought maybe it's a busy time for Warmoth, but after firing off another email from my hotmail account I'm starting to wonder if they'd got the order at all.
I noticed a few other people are having issues ordering by email, so I'd thought I'd post just to make sure it's not a server problem.
<--------I'm probably just suffering from 'HAVE THEY  RECEIVED MY ORDER TENSION' :blob7:  but i figured it couldn't hurt to ask---------->
Cheers Ben
No, its not production wait, that I can wait... no issue...

Its that they told me I'd have to respond to an email, before my order would be accepted - due to the nature of the non standard work.  Ok, they want it in writing that all is ok, and etc etc price, features... I can understand that.  Just... I dunno... the terminal nature of the phone message "your order will not be accepted unless you respond promptly to the email". 
Hey CB I would call then, I ordered over the phone, as I don't trust computers enough to place my order that way............that or e-mail any of those guys, and give em your order number or details and see what comes up....

      heres their link to customer service pick any of these guys and they'll take care of things for you................   

Very unique orders or very expensive orders will generally require an order acknowledgement.  These include a complete detail of the order and are done manually.  They can take a few days to a week to get emailed out.  Be on the lookout for the email and be sure to respond.  If you don't see anything in a few days, just call in.  Your patience is appreciated!

okedokee... I'll give em a week

my big fear is that the email will end up being tossed by my spam filter... !!!  I'm checking the culls daily but I just dont want it to slip through then have to begin the order process all over again
I have ordered several times online with warmoth, in all cases i recieved an e-mail notice right away that my order was received.

I also got a personal phone call the next day, to clarify a matter, and a week or so later , I got another e-mail notifying me that parts were shipped.

If it's been 1 or 2 days now, and your not even sure your order was received, My money is on " No " I hope I'm wrong.

I think both you and warmoth are playing a waiting game, and you will get all the frustration, not warmoth.  I would keep calling and E-mailing till you know whats going on.

Lets us know what the problem  is/was.
Unique and expensive... that might be me. <ggg> 

Thanks for the PM Eric... I'll keep my eyes out for it.
I usually order by phone, they confirm the order at the same time.  I assume they can tell if the credit card payment was approved or not right away.  and as soon as they see it, your order is confirmed, and I'm pretty sure that's when they get the production going.
i had the same problem. i created an acount in the e-store, or thought i did. i never got a confirmation on anything and still can't acess the store. so i made my order via email. the sales rep was a big help. i'm disapointed that the estore thing wont work for me but i feel writing a couple emails was no less covenient.