Comparison of 25 1/2 and 24 3/4 scale neck



Hey All,

I thought this pic was kind of interesting.  We all know that a 24 3/4 scale neck is shorter than a 25 1/2 scale neck, but I thought this put it into perspective.

Thought I'd share:

On the left is a 25 1/2 scale angled strat neck.
On the right is a 24 3/4 scale angled explorer neck.
The explorer has a shelf for a Floyd, where the angled strat does not.  They are lined up at where the nut would be.

So, there is a side by side comparison.

Not exactly earth shattering difference, is it? That's a cool picture, thanks for sharing!
I really groove on the dot inlay on the explorer neck.  is that a warmoth neck?
Yes indeed, it is a Warmoth neck.
Wenge/Ebony with the "Nightswan" inlays.