Chrome humbucker in strat pics?


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Just decided to try out a GFS VEH pickup for my strat and going to change out from s-s-s to h-s-s but I want to keep the white pickguard and white on white look.  The VEH doesn't come in white but does come in a chrome les paul paf looking metal cover.  I was thinking of trying the silver PAF looking style and putting it in my strat's pickguard.  I'm wondering first, if this will work, second if anyone has any pictures of this kind of setup?  I'm thinking it might be kind of a neat vintage look or at least something different?
Actual pic?  Not I.

But I do have this (my next project):

Do it. Here's a recent one, I know there's at least one more on the warmoth strat pages.
Thanks, I just ordered a pearloid pickguard and GFS VEH pickup, even though it's not a warmoth I'll post my results as far as looks and how I like the pickup.
I think it is a cool look. Looks very 70's.

I saw a guy on UK TV recently playing a strat with this config and thought it looked great.
I'm very curious about that pickup, give us a review when you get it!

Edit:  I do think a covered humbucker looks good on a strat, though.