choosing a position for strap buttons


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how?  what should i take into consideration before doing this?  the balance?  the weight?  i'm not real sure what to do here.
I'd just go traditional; mid center line of bottom of body and just past center of the rounded top part opposite the horn (see pic of any std. Tele)
What Jack said.  I used a ruler to be sure that it was dead center of the side of the guitar.  But, yeah on a Tele I would think that the traditional spots would have been modified sometime over the last fifty something years if they were not working out.
I suppose it might be too late now, but what do you guys think about putting two strap buttons on the bottom (like Tom Anderson/Schecter)?  I converted my tele like that, and it is very handy for setting the guitar down without having to balance it on a single strap button.