Cherry center burst



So,  while my first project is still under way, I have not been able to keep myself from thinking of the next.  I'm sure more than one of you know this condition.  Anyway, I have thought of this finish idea that I for one have not seen, but think would be ultra cool.  I think of it as a cherry center, like the candy, only with a Gibson-like Heritage Cherry as the central color, but with a burst over,  starting black as hell on the outside and fading into that Heritage Cherry.  I'm sure that mahagony would be the way to go, as all the coolest Gibson cherry finishes were on mahagony, and from what I have read, when doing a cherry finish, the body wood has a dramatic effect on the end product.  I don't have much experience though in the finishing processes, and without covering any territory already expanded upon in other posts, any advice as to how to achieve my vision???
The "cherry red" part of the burst is almost opaque.  You'd do better with a bright transparent red middle on mahoyany, bursted to blck.
hmmm...Maybe a three color burst, with the bright red in the center, a darker red before the black on the edge?
Very nice!  I don't know how I missed that one, I thought I had read everything on here!  Yeah,  I think I'm starting to develop an idea here!
Yeh CB sold me on Tung oil, I started Finnishing a raw maple neck over a month ago, I must have 15 thin coats of tung oil on it, and it looks awesome. now I just need to shine it up, it's gonna look more awesome when buffed
Well, I was kind of thinking of doing this on a Tele body, since you and I share the same affliction of not being able to stomach a Gibson style body with a bolt on neck.
Tell ya what... sit back and wait a little bit.... Jack is going to do a Tele body...  and I sent him some toners I had left over.  I'm interested to see how he does. 
Yeah, absolutely.  This is a project for down the road.  I can't wait to see that thing Jack is cooking up.  I was reading about that elsewhere!  Thank you guys as always for the input!
Mahogany Thinline Special parts get here Monday; was just practicing on an ash test body with the leftover toners CB sent me; might wind up not bursting it but doing it all the one  color I like it so much....
Oh my god, Jack, I just noticed your new status as "Hero Member"!  You must be the first, congratulations.  Anyway, I'm thinking that this experimental project may be a mahogany thinline tele, '72 style in honor of the year of my birth (a great year).  And I think I'm going to go ahead and try this crazy cherry burst idea.  It will be my first finish job, and it may be challenging, but hey what's the worst that can happen...I'll have an ugly guitar, but it will still sound and play better than everyone elses!  Keep us posted with your finishing madness, though, I for one am very interested!
If you're new to doing finishes, especially spraying toner/laquers, go on eBay and find yourself a cheap body/neck to practice/experiment on, or go to a local pawn shop and you should be able to find Squiers galore, either way you should be able to find some piece of junk for under $100.  If  it's like a Squier with finish, just whip out the power sander and strip it on down.

While you could practice on pieces of lumber, there are nuances to spraying guitar bodies/necks due to the shapes/curves involved. The secret is being able to master laying down a very thin light coat without runs, which will take some practice.

When you're done, you can always restrip the test dummy and experiment for future finishing ideas/techniques.
  Excellent advice, and fortunately I already have the test junk in the form of my older son's old guitar (Peavey Raptor).  He is only eight years old, but he has had an electric guitar since he was one (yeah, I know I shouldn't push them into things I like, but hey I'm growing my own band here).  He has already learned the importance of a good guitar, and has moved beyond the piece of crap that this guitar is.  It is all scratched up on the back from where he used to lay it on the harwood floors and rock out on it, so it is just the candidate!  Also I am a reader by nature and have been reading all sorts of guitar finishing stuff on the net (Re-ranch,, etc.) most of it pointed out to me by you guys here.  But, I know from experience with other things in life that there is nothing like doing it yourself!  Anyway, thanks again!
I'm following through on this advice and using the practice body to try to get the technique down,  Can anyone suggest the best way to strip the factory finish of this thing?  Will that be the same method I should use on my first failed attempts?  Thanks in advance!
You have a hand sander? Put some 100 or 150 grit sandpaper on that sucker and just rip the old finish off, then go back over with 220 to smooth.

I have a major problem with my Thinline, I put it mostly all together - 2 screws in the pickguard and no screws in the PW tuners, but I love it so much I'm having a hard time taking it back apart to do all the rest of the top lacquer coats....  :guitaristgif:
Hell yeah, I have a sander.  We are going to get started practicing this weekend.  My son is all too glad to donate his old guitar for the experiments, as long as he gets to be involved!  I have found a store here with both Mohawk and Deft products, as well as Watco Danish let the games begin!  Thank you again, oh, and by the way, one more time....that tele is bad ass!!!