Check Out My Custom Fender USA Jim Root Signature Stratocaster!


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Hey everyone, some time ago, I showed off my Musikraft Wenge/ Ebony Reverse headstock jazzmaster neck. I just got my guitar back from the guitar tech today & here are some photos! Here are the details:

  • FENDER USA Artist Signature Series Jim Root Stratocaster Body (one piece mahogany)
  • Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi Signature Pickups
  • Gotoh 510 FX-6 (Black Chrome) Hardtail Bridge
  • Musikraft quarter-sawn wenge shaft with an ebony “skunk stripe”
  • Ebony fretboard with a 16” radius
  • Reverse Jazzmaster headstock
  • 22 stainless steel frets (Jumbo)
  • Truss Rod wheel adjustment @ heel
  • Left-Handed staggered Gotoh locking tuners (Black chrome)
We went with Neck ferrules— the tech relocated one of the neck holes before drilling with a forstner bit. I’m not a fan of a neck plate and I’m happy with the result achieved by the guitar tech. He also has to cut out a notch for the truss rod wheel. It sounds superb, with amazing sustain. If you’re familiar with Tosin Abasi’s pickups and wiring scheme, you’ll know that you can get so much variation in sound with these two humbuckers. It’s quite astonishing really. I guess the photos are just too large for this website.


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Looks great! Can you get black screws for the switch? That would make all but the frets practically invisible in low lighting!