Celluloid 'Yellow Tortoise' PG Material


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I thought others might find this interesting. The celluloid 'Yellow Tortoise' that Warmoth carries is a unique looking material. When I first got my pickguard and trem cover, I was a little disappointed by how dull and matte they looked. The material is also more translucent than I expected, and the routing was visible through it. I had read that others had backed theirs with manila folders to make it more opaque, and a few people mentioned the idea of using copper foil.

Anyway, I had a bunch of copper foil around, so I tried that out and polished up the surface with some high-grit wet sanding and some Meguiar's Ultimate Compound. I'm pretty pleased with the results. Below you can see the copper-backed & polished pickguard next to the trem cover as it arrived: