Cavity shielding

Simon D

Junior Member
Does anyone know if Warmoth bodies are supplied with any form of shielding applied to the control cavity? I'm just in the process of buying electronics etc to get the thing finished as soon as it arrives, and I was wondering if I needed to get hold of some shielding tape/paint, or if it's already done.
they offer copper sheilding on their site, $0.70 per linear inch for 8" wide, $0.25 per linear inch for 2" wide
you will need to install the shielding yourself, as it does not come preinstalled

for a simple one only build, the copper foil Warmoth sells is great and easy to use. I like to solder all of the seams on my copper foil installs (control cavity and each of the pickup cavities), and then connect them with a ground wire to a common ground (I use the star grounding method on all my basses)

if you are going to do more than one bass, a small can of the shielding paint sold by StewMac is more cost effective

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