Caring for Rosewood board


I've had my Gibson just 6 months and just noticed the rosewood fret board was getting very dry. Also, I live in the Arizona desert, where everything gets crispy really fast.

What is the best material I can use to treat my fretboard, how to properly apply, and best maintain (in this barren wasteland)?

Also, would it be okay to use an ultra steel wool to rub the board and frets with? The grain is a little coarse in spots.

Thank you,

depends on who you ask..
some say spit is best, others use linseed oil..

I use lemon oil..  apply a little with a cloth and wipe off after about 30 mins.
Dr. Duck's Axe Wax seems to keep the rosewood and ebony on my guitars from drying too much.  Would love to hear if anyone has had better results from something different.
I use lemon oil with no ill effect. I also use #0000 steel wool on my frets to shine 'em up real nice. I used to tape up the board (rosewood) meticulously but, one time I got lazy and polished the frets without taping up the board and it didn't seem to hurt anything, didn't even leave any scratches. :dontknow:
+1 on the Dr Duck's Ax Wax  :headbang1:

I have used it on thousands of guitars over many years, with great results and no reported problems.
About once a year is fine in the UK, but I guess you would need more in a very dry climate...
I don't have the bottle in front of me, but if I recall correctly there is no wax in it... just a clever name.. so don't use it on your surfboard.  :glasses9:
I use Guitar Honey:

The luthier that suggested it to me applies it between every string change.  After the strings are off he soaks the fretboard in the stuff and lets it soak-in for about 5 minutes.  Then he wipes it off and might repeat the application if the fretboard still looks dry.