Capacitor Tolerance


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Hey all, wel I guess this goes out to CB but feel free to chime in anyone. Not sure how to ask this but, does the tolerance associated with a capacitor only effect the initial reading or also in operation? For example, a 1.0 uF cap with a 10% tolerance may read 1.1 or .9 uF correct? Does it stop here or is there something also in the way it operates? Make sense?
That's correct. Basically what you'll have in a 1uf cap at 10% is a cap that can be anywhere between .9 and 1.1, but that capacitance will be constant over its operating range, i.e. it won't fluctuate. 
The same is true of resistors.
Actually - not quite true, but true in guitars.

Both capacitors and resistors are subject to thermal variation when used in things like amps.  Especially true of large wattage resistors, and high ripple current capacitor applications (both where higher temps are present).

If yer guitar gets that hot - quit worrying about it and keep up the heat!~~
Yeah, I was talking about low voltage apps, doubt the op was talking about tube amps, or 450v electros. 
I should never assume though.
I know ya was~  I was just adding an "also note.....", it wasn't correction.