Can't Find This Warmoth Body


It's from the gallery from a guy named Iacopo Nesi.


He said it was a tobacco burst, searched tobacco colored guitars, couldn't find it. Did they stop making it? I love this guitar, and want to build one like it, except with a maple neck. If they don't have it anymore, can Warmoth make one for me? How much would that cost? Mmmmmm.....
Look in the Showcase, there's a number of tobacco burst bodies there. They may look a little darker than that in the pics due to lighting; and that might actually be the black-brown-yellow burst, check the finish pages...

Quilt body with figuring that nice will run you $350 on up, the finish is $220...
Don't worry, TONS of tobacco bursts in the showcase. One of my favorite finishes. From the site, it seems to vary a lot in what it looks like. But it's there, promise. They tend to be redder than your picture there.
Photoshopped a creme pearloid pickguard and a vintage maple neck on that baby.