can't afford new warmoth, so upgrading Ibanez soundgear


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Hey guys as I said times are tough and I figure no point going warmoth if my only choice is to cheap out on it. I have an Ibanez soundgear ( with mahogony body, 5 piece wenge bubinga neck and rosewood fret board. I want to build my own not just because of sound, but playability. It doesnt matter how well this bass is set up it just seems to fight me and get in my way, but it works so she must stick around for a little while. In the mean time I would like to upgrade the electronics and bridge but would like a little advice...

1. Bartolini mkii; what is this route size comparable to? I am thinking I would like to try the Nordstrand dual coils wired in parrelel for spliting, but don't really know a lot about these pickups/configuration. What size should I look at and is that even possible?

2. Preamp; I never have really figured out what preamp this bass has, but I am sure an upgrade wouldn't hurt. It has volume, blend, high mid and low cut/boost. What would be the easiest replacement for this? Would I be better off starting with new pickups and see how that sounds or should I start with the preamp? My guess is that both is going to be the best, least frustrating way to do it.

3. Bridge; This one is almost a gimme as it has something I've wanted to change since I bought this bass. Hipshot type A? Think it wil fit without major mods?

The idea here is to make this bass a little more enjoyable while I save pennies for my black korina gecko. I don't want to route anything or drill holes so that if I can one day sell it I can just put the origanal stuff back on and use the replacement parts for my gecko. Thanks a lot,

Patrick from Davis

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For pick up help, list off a couple of songs/bands/artists you like the sound of to give the group some direction.  Also what footprint does the pick up have?  MM, soapbar, J...

For the preamp, the Aguilar preamps have always received good reviews around here.  The bass has all of the knobs and pots so you might get away with being able to just get the electronics for it.  To check, you need to know what value the Bass/Mid/Low pots are.  That will require a multimeter, but is very easy.  Make sure that they are what the new preamp is supposed to use.  The volume and blend pots are independent of the preamp, or they should/can be.

My guess is that the pickups will be the biggest sound difference when you upgrade.  I'd focus there first.