Can I sell all, one or none of them?


Here's one for you guys...

I need to convert some guitars into cash so that I can make a visit to the showcase.

All three are Warmoth Vintage Modern Strat necks with the standard Fender headstock. Two have a "Guntrain" waterslide logo I have made for me, and the other has a Warmoth logo.  Is it legal to sell Stratocaster necks with logos other than Fender on them?

Can I sell all, one or none of them?

Thank you very much.
You can sell them as they are. As long as you don't put a Fender logo on and sell them as Fenders, everything is cool. Always simply state what they really are. Warmoth necks are worth more anyway...

I have to agree with TT here, the only thing you can do wrong here is to present it as something it is not.  Not to mention that the "neck police" are pretty busy these days with counterfeit chinese Gibsons, so even if you sold three guitars that were grossly misrepresented, I'm not sure anyone would notice! :laughing11: