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I'm getting a new gadget in the mail, but its not designed for guitar.

It has RCA inputs and outputs.
So I need a short cable that goes from 1/4" to RCA and a long one. (2 each actually)

There are places on the web that sell them for cheap.. but what I need is for the 1/4 inch end to be 90 degrees or I can't use it on my pedal board.

If i were to just go out and buy some cables and splice them together... Would I suffer from signal loss?  What's the best way to do it to avoid problems?  I would guess I'd need to make sure they were the same gauge and material (ie, no copper to aluminum)
On the other hand, if anybody knows where I could get the parts so I could make them myself, that woudl be great.  I dont know where to find bulk instrument cable and everywhere I look to find RCA jacks all I can find are those stupid cryo  frozen ones that cost 40 bucks each.

EDIT: Just did a search for a company I hear guys swear on, I didn't realize George L had so much stuff.  the prices are a bit much though. :\  especially for the cable itself... 2 dollars a foot?  USD?


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50 cents a foot on Amazon:


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For custom cables like that I've used Cables For Less before and gotten some good stuff. I had them make me a 2 1/4" to 1/8"      stereo and it's a great cable. I'm having them make me two 3" 1/4 right angle cords for my pedal board. I'm not sure if they'll do 1/4" right angle to RCA, but you could ask. They'd probably do it. I found options for straight 1/4" to RCA. I'd contact them and see what they say.


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Splicing will be a pain in the ass because the cable is shielded. 

Just make up a set yourself.  Mouser or digikey will have the connectors you need at good rates. 


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If you're an Ebayer search "Pro Audio" -> "Cables" -> "bulk" and there are a number of people selling it by the foot, in different grades. I've bought from the NY PRO AUDIO guy, happily.

However, I've converted almost entirely over to the Bill Lawrence solderless stuff - he invented it after all, and his ex-employee George L charges about three times more than Bill.

(the cable kit is listed at the bottom, but you can buy any combination of parts. What Bill doesn't have is right-angle connectors.)

George L's cabling - $1.95 per ft., Bill L - $0.52 per ft. $7.50 per plug vs. $4.00.... :icon_tongue: