building Ibanez clones


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Is it cost effective at all to build an ibanez clone? assuming the standard config (nothing fancy like Koa and stuff) is used.... what kind of body and neck is used on ibanez??
I dont know about cost effectiveness. But, I do know that Ibanez bodies are usually basswood, and necks usually maple/rosewood
the old sabers or s bodies are made from mohogany with the neck rosewood on maple
but the quality of the warmoth necks are far better in my opinion.
i had a made in the usa ibanez black with sculls grafix with a totaly bound neck and headstock
this is the only one ive played that that neck was awsome.
my buddy only plays s body ibanez guitars he has 5 none of the necks are as straight any of my warmoths
so iguess what im saying is good ibanez guitars are about $1000.00-$1800.00
you could build a really nice warmoth copy for this and have the pups, bridge, pots, tuners ect. you want
not to mention you get your choice on neck profiles, fret sizes and inlays ect. and still have some cash left over
hope this helps kayle
Personally I'd just buy an Ibanez rather than build a copy of them. It's not cost effective.

I have a S520 from last year and it's a great playing guitar but I'm still not completely satisfied with it that's why I'm on this board.