Brown Dye vs Tigers Eye Dye


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Hi all,

A few months ago I was searching for a comparison of a Brown Dye finish to a Tigers Eye Dye finish, but I couldn't really find one. So I ordered a Brown Dye tele body (turned out to be amazing) and I wanted to share the comparison with the Tigers Eye Dye tele I build 6 or 7 years ago, so anyone who finds it difficult to make a choice between the two has some comparison. Not that it'll be an easier choice, since both are beautifull.

I made photo's in different lights/angles and some with flash on and then off. Hope this works well, uploading a bunch of photo's like this.

The new (Brown Dye, more standard style) tele will probably enter the GOTM competition some time soon, as it's only an installment of brass sadles away from being completed.

The Tigers Eye tele thinline will probably be up for sale later this year, with a flame maple neck not pictured here. The Original post of when I just build it is below (Original pickguard and all can still be placed back if preferred, flame maple neck on the original pictures has been re-installed). It's still a beast of a guitar, but I prefer the new one with a somewhat more comfortable body and wizard thin neck shape. Thought I'd mention that here for all other Warmoth enthousiasts first before putting it up for sale. P.M. me if you might be interested, this post is not for the intend of selling it.


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Thanks for the comparison photos. It isn't an easy choice between the two but I like the brown dye a bit better.


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Nice. The tigers eye is very similar to Suhr's bengal burst, which is one of my favourite finishes and I have on my Standard Pro.