Broke Down & Bought a Bogner Alchemist


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Read tons of reviews, heard a guy playing one, went to the music store and came home with one.

I got the2x12 combo.

Banged around on it some. It sounds super.

We're off for the next two weeks so i have to be patient before I take it out to play.

Anyone else play on one of these?
I was interested in one. Have read many mixed reviews. I'd love to try one sometime. I just got a new 18 watter so I'm done gassing for amps for at least a month hahaha ;)
I played all three versions, the head, 1x12 combo, and 2x12 combo, the 2x12 was my fav, I liked the combination of a celestion vintage30 and a greenback (I think that's what speakers they were!??) Anyway, I spent a few hours playing one, got a bunch of different tones out of it, definitely a decent amp for the $$.
IMHO of course....
Hey guys... Just now noticed this thread thx GoDrex!

I am seriously considering one of these amps (head version). I have got a Laney Lionheart 20w head right now running though a birch 4x12 cab loaded with Eminence Governor s on one side and Texas Heat on the other.  The tone is really plexi sounding with moderate gain (gain at 10). My main thing is that I still need an overdrive/boost to drive the amp for more saturation. However, I would like an amp with enough gain that I would not need a boost. Do you guys think this amp is that way?

I would have to sell the Laney in order to by the bogner..

I am looking for tone with a cross of Scott Henderson/Frank Gambale/Eric Johnson.

What do you guys think?
In my opinion, you wouldn't need a boost with the Bogner Alchemist, I got all kinds of tones out of it when I played, from light overdriven vintage sounds, to heavily saturated super high-gain tones, it all sounded really good. I think the head would sound great through your eminence speakers.
I've used it two different weekends now. Here are my thoughts.

1st Friday night- I thought it sounded flat and like crap. I had it cranked and still needed more volume. I figured I'd lose money unloading this turkey.

1st Saturday night- A totally different animal. It growled, spit, and sang. The 20 watt setting was enough and the 40 watt setting was perfect. Plenty of headroom and tone. I couldn't wait for the next weekend.

After the next weekend, I am sold. I still need to do some tweaking, but the clean tones are bright with lots of chime and the other channel has everything from the Mesa Boogie singing solo tone to plenty of saturated distortion.

The weird thing about this was all of these nights were at the same club with the same senarios. I guess it just took a night for my ears to adjust to what the amp was doing.
sometimes other factors like humidity have a weird effect on tubes and speakers.  I need to try one of these.  My Boogie 50 watt 1x12" is sometimes too much for the bedroom.  The 20 watt feature sounds like a good idea to me. 

How nasty is the Mercury channel?  I want a lot of gain and bottom end.