bridge grounding


I am ready to wire up my warmoth SG. However, i downloaded the schematics for the wiring and it has a bridge ground shown.  There was however no channel to run a ground from the bridge to the cavity?  any suggestions?
Nauset said:
Gotoh TOM and stop tail
Look for a hole drilled from the control cavity to closest TOM insert hole. If there isn't one, drill one. Drill an 1/8" hole from the control cavity to the insert hole aiming towards the upper end (closest to the body top) of the hole. Be careful to not drill through the surface of the body though.

From the control cavity push through a wire and bare 3/4" of it and leave it exposed inside the insert hole. When you push the insert in the hole, the bare wire will be pressure fit against the side of the insert now giving you a connectivity through the wire to the control cavity.