Brazilian Ebony/Ebony over Swamp Ash too bright?

Cagey said:
If that's not it, it'll do. I'm beginning to question my memory  :laughing7:

What about this?

No, I'm sure that's not it. But, it is a good example of how easy it would be to fall into the "analysis paralysis" many new AxeFx owners do, where you simply have so much choice that you can't choose. Each of the presets he's playing with are different, yet is in itself almost infinitely variable as far as the various response curves and effects that can be applied, the settings for those, and the order everything is in. Many guys get one of those units and instead of practicing 14 hours a week, start twiddling and tweaking for 13 of those hours and get nothing done.
I think I used to use preset 23 quite a lot and one or two others. The Axe FX is somewhat like people with motorcycles, you can either ride them or constantly fiddle.
I always liked the '59 Bassman preset a lot, which surprised me for some reason. Kinda made me regret never getting one back in the old days. I was born/raised in Detroit back when it was a large, heavily populated and viable city, and used Fender amps were as common as dirt and all over the place at very attractive prices. Probably could've picked up a Bassman for $150-$200 or so, but I never knew they were good for guitar.

The other one I liked was the Freidman something-or-other, I don't remember now. Sounds like a Marshal on steroids.