braided coaxial wire soldering

nathan a

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I'm in the process of wiring up my tele deluxe, and I realized that I have no idea how to solder the braided coaxial wire that comes in the warmoth wiring sets. I have no problem with soldering with the 'normal' white and black wire.

Right now, I'm running from a volume pot output to a 3 way switch, and I'm using the coaxial wire since it's actually shielded, but -- do I solder both the core and the shielding? Do I try to peel back the plastic jacket, braided shield, and inner insulator so that I'm only soldering the center core to the pot/switch?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Wonderful, thanks guys

Throughout this wiring process I've just been "Little Engine" 'n it.... I think I can I think I can..

I have just received by new soloist complete kit from Warmoth, and am a very, very happy man!...the quality is outstanding!

I want to get it all together by this have just shielded the control cavity with copper foil, and now looking at taking on the wiring. question is, I have the wiring kit, with a length of braided shielded wire..but where exactly should i be using this type of wire over the normal stuff??

I am fitting two SD Hot Rails, and a Jb Jr...1 Vol, 2 Tone and a 5 way switch..and a schaller floyfd rose

..any help would be greatly appreciated!

Up the Irons!  :headbang: