Body +paint, later.



Is it possible to order a custom body, pay for it, have Warmoth keep hold of it and pay to have it finished at a later date? Actually I'd probably be able to pay to have it finished as soon as it was completed depending on the build time.
you pay when it ships.

and they woudln't hold on to it.  I asked them to contact me when it was finished before they shipped it so I could make absolutely sure there was room on the credit card.  But they're just too busy to honour requests like that.  He told me "just make sure the money is where it needs to be"  which is pretty good advice.
they charged me when my order was confirmed - which means it was before work even started.
I hate to be a pragmatic realist, and I really hate to bring up what's wrong with everything in the world, but I think that there are a whole lot of Americans who just realized that buying what you can't pay for is going to get you in some serious doo-doo.  At least they should have realized that, probably didn't.  I like to try to apply situations like this to my own job.  I work in a restaurant.  If someone asked me to make half of their meal, then wait to make the other half until they had more money, I'd take them on a quick tour of the several exits and ask them which one they would like to use. 
Too much liabilty to have any non-employee in the kitchen.  They could break a nail and sue for mental anguish. 
On when you pay, before or after it is built.  I think if you order something very custom you pay up front and if it is something that Warmoth can resell if they have to you pay when it is shipped.  That is they way it was explained to me.