Body done, neck is next...


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Note: The "neck" is not a neck, it's a paint stick used to suspend the guitar in mid air while painting or drying. I store the body this way now to prevent any case fuzz or whatever from ruining an otherwise great finish...

I am done polishing after pretty much wearing out my drill and my hand, a lot of sanding scratches that won't go away no matter what, grains still shows through once polished (I guess its inevitable with lacquer... see how many vintage ash strats with this problem) but while I think I could have done better (such as spraying more coats of dyes to make it darker) I think it turns out great... I got a small bag of (about 120 grams) of dark shellac flake that I will use to seal/color the koa neck once it arrives... I hope its enough. Im surprised no one sells shellac here and I went to this art store who happened to have some...  I tried to take the picture in natural lighting to show what the body would look like viewed in person rather have flash ruin things...






Last picture appears dark cause I guess the camera shuts the aperture when part of the guitar reflects sunlight back... 

These shots are with pickguard on... I think I will use wilkinson VS100 but I found a shop here that sells some VS400 or something that has steel block but cost like double of what a VS100 costs... is it worth it?

With flash

without flash
That looks so nice and "nature-y" (the wood grain and the leafy green burst). Needs to be in a garden somewhere!    :icon_smile:

As a rule I'm not big on natural wood finishes or bursts, but this is different and unique, and very eyecatching. You can't help but dig it.
Unlike pscates, I love natural and sunburst finishes. I don't often like bluebursts and greenbursts and the like, but this is killer. Great job. I've never seen a greenburst like this look so natural. Lovely grain on that body too
If you have enough coats of lacquer built up, try using automotive rubbing compound to get the sanding scratches out. That's assuming that they're in the lacquer coats? If not you can fill with clear grain filler and do more lacquer coats.
I love sort of subtle bursts on woodgrain like this. This looks way better to me than a PRS or Carvin GREENY GREENY green. I'm not fond of the really gaudy bursts with black edges going to bright green or something in the middle, but this is nice. On my new 7 I'm going to shoot for a light, brownish amber in the middle and a somewhat darker rust brown at the edges, but not too much contrast.
That green burst looks fudging cool. Shame its top routed, but to each his own.