Body choices for 24.75" conversion neck


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I have a few questions.

So I had to sell my guitar last year cause of Covid circumstances. I now have the means finally to get myself a new instrument.

I need a guitar now cause there might be some opportunities for me to gig and make some cash, but I also really want a Warmoth custom shorter scale roasted maple conversion neck with a wizard profile, compound radius and jumbo jumbo frets. I really really want one.

So I figured I would buy a strat or a tele whose body I like and play it for now then switch out the neck for a conversion neck later.

Warmoth says the conversion necks will fit any standard strat neck pocket. Actually this isn't true, the "will it fit my guitar" page explains that certain strat / tele models won't accept a conversion neck. Like the Nashville telecaster, which is what I was looking at.

Thing is, would a conversion neck look awkward on a regular sized strat body?

I'd actually prefer if I could find a 7/8 lightweight strat or tele body out there that the conversion neck would fit, is that possible?

Would a conversion neck fit a squire strat or tele? A thinline?

I guess my question is, what choices would I have for a lightweight or smaller strat/tele body that I could fit the conversion neck to once it arrives later? Any recommendations? I mean i've been considering picking up a lightweight squire or vintage style strat or tele on the cheap and maybe changing out the pickups as well as the neck later. Or is my best bet just to find a standard strat whose body/pickups/electronics/finish I like and just replacing the neck later, not risking purchasing a model that might not work out.


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A conversion neck will not work with a Warmoth 7/8 body and intonate. You would need a 7/8 neck for that.

So yes a conversion neck will fit a standard Strat pocket and if you want a guitar which intonates, which I would assume you do, that is what you need.

Just look for something like a secondhand Mexican Strat and that should do the job until you are able to set sail on the Ship of Theseus.


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Fender is purportedly the "Standard", but they're as guilty of variation as any old thoughtless "clone-maker". If you want to buy into a low-cost finished body with traditional specs, Stratamania is right. Dig around on Ebay or someplace and pick up a Fender "MIM" (Made in Mexico). Alternatively, eliminate all doubt and just buy a Warmoth body. On top of being of superior quality, it eliminates a lotta worry. Plus, you won't have to tell anyone you got an import body and seeing that condescending look in their eyes that says "eew! That's too bad!" :laughing7:

As for appearance with a short-scale neck, you'll need a measuring device of some sort to find that out. The difference is only 3/4" over the entire length, which is difficult for the eye to gauge. In other words, don't worry about it. It's imperceptible unless you're playing it and can sense the miniscule difference in spacing between frets. Half my guitars are short scale, and the only reason I know is I built the little rascals or I'll see the squared-off fretboard heel end vs. the radiused end you normally see.


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What Spock is saying is ... get a used strat, get gigging, make some money, then slowly replace the parts of the used guitar until you get a new guitar.  See Ship of Theseus.