BLUSA XL500 in 2 guitars. Need some advice.


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Hey, guys and gals! I'm new here on the forum and I have a question about "matching" tones. I have a BLUSA XL500, (not the Bill and Becky) in the bridge position of a Gibson V and a Washburn Funky Munky "Dime". I've had the 500 in the V on and off for a number of years and have always been happy with it. I got the Dime about a year ago and immediately threw the same pup in the bridge and the good ol Duncan 59 in the neck. When I play each guitar on it's own it sounds great, but when I play them back to back, the V is so much brighter, more powerful, more punchy and overall better sounding. In comparison the Dime sounds dull. The neck 59  in the Dime sounds awesome. I know that the Funky Munky guits are not exactly the nicest guitars in the world, so I'm not expecting miracles.

I am looking for a way to brighten up the sound of the Dime. I am going to replace the trem with an OFR probably, just to upgrade the hardware, so that may help. I am sort of attached to the 500 and 59 combo, since this is my "tribute" ax. Any electronics suggestions that can help wake up this sound?

Try a higher value pot, I think. You might want to delete your other thread of the same name and content.
Done. So maybe switching from the 500 to maybe a 1 meg pot might help?
Have you tried this? I'm only asing to see what kind of difference it makes.
By the way, thanks for the advice.
I personally have never done this, but maybe Doug (DangerousR6) will chime in with his experience.
"Hey guysh, thash Awshum!" I will make the switch ASAP and make a full report. I Saloot you!
I would also just go through your cheapo guitar and see where it can be 'tightened up' - anywhere under tension that is sloppy and causes you to lose vibrations - maybe the tuners are loose in their holes or not tightened down, maybe the nut is cheapo plastic and doesn't sit nicely in the slot, and especially the bridge. Oh, and people don't usually get Floyds for the tone - some people will tell you they detract from the tone of an instrument but are worth it for the whammy action. Never heard anybody say the Floyd enhances tone, at least.  I have no opinion though, I'm strictly a no-trem guy.
Thanks for the reply! Tfarny, I have the beater guit set up pretty well, but it's always a good idea to periodically batten down the hatches, so thanks for the suggestion. Actually your advice supports my desire to replace the bridge.

This guitar has a no-name licensed Floyd copy. Although it is fun and FUNctional, they are made with lower quality metals than the OFR or Schaller Floyd. Typical complaints of this type of bridge are that the softer metal eventually wears down at the pivot points, the locking nut gets sticky, and that the nature of the material impairs resonance, cuts sustain, and basically just sucks, HAHAHA! OFR's for example are made with high quality hardened steel. Much better for metal madness. So getting a better bridge really would ensure years of whammy wackiness, and ALSO improve the clarity of the tone.

I'm somewhat of a whammy weirdo!  :party07:

As far as electronics goes, I'm going to go ahead and try a 1 meg pot for the bridge volume, it should wake up the grindage on the bridge position. While I'm at it I may have the middle position wired out of phase for some cool options on sounds.

Thanks guys.
Oh yeah, Orpheo, I forgot to ask if the 1 meg pot will have an effect on volume. Will it make my bridge pickup louder or just help more highs come through? Oh, and last question, I promise. Do those highs come at the expense of low end response?
I have never used anything other than the regular 500K value so "I'm living blindly".

I'm gonna do it anyway, but it's cool to get a sense of other people's experiences. :)

You might be able to notice a bit more brightness and if you have good ears and amp, a bit more volume. It won't affect the other frequencies and you might not think it makes all that much of a difference in the end. At the same time, the pot in there now could be out of spec somehow and that will make the difference comparably larger.