Bluetone Howler is complete!


I finally finished my Warmouth L5 S project, affectionately named the Howler.  This was intended as a project to practice applying stain and finish to a guitar.  I learned so much from doing this guitar, can't wait for my next project!  I mixed brown and amber dye to get a dark-ish brown color, which was the basecoat.  I sanded and sanded and almost painted the whole damn thing as a Goldtop, but finally was able to apply the amber dye to get a nice contrast.  There are some splotces, never said I was perfect (especially for a first try).  Overall, I like it.  It weighs 6lbs 7oz, has a TonePro's ToM setup, TonePro's/Kluson tuners and WCR Black Magic pickups.  The pots and caps are from RS Guitarworks.  The guitar body is mahogany with a maple top, neck is mahogany with an ebony fretboard.  I'm still dialing in the neck and action, but preliminary indications are it will sound just fine.