Blue Strat replica (Weezer content)

I'm very curious about what he used as boost for solos live in the Pinkerton tour.

Or was it just a regular wah wah to filter through the mix and be able to hear the solo? Weird that it seems he didn't need to make the whole step down on the pedal to activate it.
Roger Mayer Mongoose fuzz

Also some info about the blue strat cracking and the black replacement.
Also Rivers saying he's indifferent to the "cult of gear"

There's also another Weezine where Karl says both humbuckers are Seymour Duncan so the misinformation starts at the source lmao
Also Rivers saying he's indifferent to the "cult of gear"
Yeah, that's something I've always thought. There's an in depth video about the song "Mexican Fender" where the producer; Butch Walker mentions Rivers using whichever guitar they had laying around to record and how Brian was the complete opposite.
@kerouac I almost forgot! I have some info for you regarding the neck width for your red strat.

This is a page from a 1995 Warmoth catalog (2 or 3 years late but still useful I think) It appears they only offered 1 5/8 (41mm) and 1 11/16 (43mm) nut widths for their strat/tele replacement necks.

So I guess this confirms the 41mm nut width for the red strat.
If I had to guess the og blue probably had a 43mm nut width with 6150 frets (6100s are way too big) but that’s just me.

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I got this from a listing I found on ebay, it might still be up there, I remember typing "Warmoth catalog".

Amazing. I actually have one that's NOS and the correct spec for the blue one.... but it's the 1-5/8" nut width, which I find a bit small. At least with the standard profile.

I went back and checked the one cut for the Wilkinson nut - I haven't got anything to take an exact measurement, but it does appear to be the 1-11/16 rather than the in-between size.

I currently have the Modern Construction on the blue replica. I don't know what kind of difference there will be (if any) but the 90s era ones seem a fair bit lighter. They appear very similar to Vintage Construction, just with 22 frets and the square fretboard end.

Hello guys, sorry for my late reply, it´s my first time on a forum to be honest ha.

Lemme share you my two cuomocasters. I built them 2 years ago.

This one is a seafoam green made from Guitar Fetish parts, (body and neck). And that squier hardtail bridge (that I believe is the one Rivers uses on his nowdays seafoam green strat) this is my backup guitar (I´m a huge Weezer fan, like, creepy fan hahaha)

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Then we got the main, the blue strat, my dream guitar coming to live. This one is from a Guitar Fetish body, and an All Parts neck.
Both guitars have the same electronics, 1 master volume, and i installed a Black ice mod on both (To be honest i don´t like it, i find it useless since i play through distorted amps) but I think i´m gonna change them to a 2 volume setting.

The bridge was a hard one, I had luck after years of looking for it, so I think I got the exact bridge.

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  1. It’s a gotoh brand bridge discontinued and made in Japan late 80s to 90s.

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This guitar is so fun to play, I played a Blue Album tribute with some friends alongisde some dudes playing a Nirvana show. I recently had the opportunity to get a Marshall 6100LM (it is now at repair because the clean channel isn´t working, although i never use it, i still want it available and repaired) I might share videos soon.

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I also got last year an marshall slx, very cool amp. I borrowed it to a friend who has a rehearsal studio where we play, so I can´t show you any recent video of the sound alone. I just have this one with the full band.

I might be crazy, but I love talking about these stuff. Ha

Do you think I should go for the 2 volume setting guys?

Also, do you know any other pedal Rivers might have used on the Pinkerton tour besides the wah?

PS: I loved every answer on this forum.

Great stuff - did Gotoh sell that bridge as an aftermarket part? I know I've seen the ESP in the original packaging, so it definitely was offered separately from the Jake E Lee signature.

The clean sound is the best thing about the 6100LM. I've got one but it also needs repair - they can be a bit temperamental if not maintained properly... especially the combos.

Just show up at a gig with one of those big 4x12 cabinets now

As for pedals, I've also heard about the RM Mongoose, but I think that was only studio use. I'm curious about the weird chorus sound he had in many of the 1996 recordings....

And yeah, I'd go with two independent volume controls.
@kerouac I see and yeah that’s also something I noticed about the bridge cut out

Man, now we’re back to square 1 regarding orginal blue’s bridge pickup
I did get the Super 2 for the one i’m working on and it sounds pretty spot on, I’ve seen a couple of people say it was also F spaced; most notably in Mike’s (puisheen) original replica post, but went for the regular one since having an F spaced neck pick up makes no sense to me.

Also just a little correction the parts on the original blue ended up in one of 3 natural strats he got before the colored ones arrived and parts of the other 2 ended up on the ones that he’s currently using.
I’ll leave this just in case anyone is interested. I didn’t mention the black strat since from what I could find that one has stayed the same.

Original Blue body to Natural body #1
Same pickguard, pickups and ESP bridge
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Natural body #2 to Current Seafoam Green body
Same pickguard and bridge but different bridge pickup. Natural body was used live in the early 00s, the seafoam body has been used live since 2012 unless it’s the same body as the last guitar on this list.
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Natural #3 to Current Sonic Blue back up

This one is the hardest to find (natural #3) and the picture I have isn’t great but you can tell by the sticker in between the pickups that it’s the same pickguard but again different bridge pickup, doesn’t have the ESP bridge but an odd hardtail bridge with 4 corner screws. The natural body was used live in the early 00s until he got the sonic blue one, Sonic Blue strat has been used live since fall 2001 from what I could find.
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Seafoam Green #1?
This is either the same body he’s currently using or a completely different one since the pickguard doesn’t match but that is something he could’ve easily swapped out and remove the tape off the body. Used live since 2000, most notably at weezer’s first show after their hiatus and Warped Tour 00.
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Seafoam#1 is the same guitar as the current Seafoam Green, just with removed tape and added stickers.
I’d really love to build a replica of the black strat and/or blue someday, I’ve been obsessing over having my own version of the Strats as far back as 2016. Back in late 2021 I got a Fender FSR HH Hot Rod strat which is similar to Rivers’ strat however I would LOVE to build one as close to the originals someday. I’d like to say a huge thanks to the thread for nerding out about these guitars as much as I have in the recent years.IMG_7697.jpeg
Something else I also noticed is that the necks seem to have a Gibson-scale construction, which isn't something I've seen in any recreations so far interestingly enough
you can also see it (pretty poorly) when he plays the solo here:
Something else I also noticed is that the necks seem to have a Gibson-scale construction, which isn't something I've seen in any recreations so far interestingly enough
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you can also see it (pretty poorly) when he plays the solo here:

Great observation, and something I had never noticed before! It certainly appears to be a conversion neck.
Is that in reference to the squared off fretboard end?

I was under the impression that was the standard design they offered in the 80s and 90s. Similar to Vintage construction, but with 22 frets. I have a couple here for these projects.

One is NOS and still needs the finish - I'll have a look in the other forums, but any recommendations for finishing/refinishing?
From what I understand 22-fret Modern (formerly "Pro") Warmoth Strat necks had square fretboard ends by default until sometime in the last... 15-20 years or so. So, yes, a Warmoth neck from the '90s with a square fretboard end wasn't necessarily a conversion-scale.
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Oh yeah, you're both right, I tried to find old Warmoth Strat necks and it is as you said, my mistake haha