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This was another one that was on the old Discussion Page.

Hi Guys, this is my first post. I absolutely love this guitar, the neck is stunning. How on earth did you manage to get a fender logo on their like that? I didn't think Fender produced them?
There's a zillion places to buy Fender waterslide decals on the net; why anyone would put one on a superior Warmoth product is beyond me...
Hey Tonar, everything you touch looks great, you should be making a good living doing what your good at, and that is putting a finnish on guitars.

I do some of my own finnishes, but I wouldn't hesitate to send you a project, knowing how it will turn out based on your past examples.

Keep it up man, and dont be afraid to offer up your handy work to us here, we will pay shipping.

To those new here, go find some of tonars previous threads and see what I mean. The guy is a michael angelo with paint
Thank you  Alfang, I apperciate your gracious comments. I do the guitars the way I do because most of the people I do them for can not afford the 25K to 75K for a vintage instrument.  My finishes have all the look and feel of the early vintage stuff.  It is a privilege to get a guitar close to one that has all the magic and feel of some of the great guitars that were built by Tado Gomez in the early 50's.  The guys that really like my finishes are "Vintage Freaks".  Warmoth has such high grade wood that I can get really great results with their stuff.    

I also get to get my hands on some really nice vintage guitars to refinish.   I have done some really beautiful 60's Fenders.  I got to refinish a 1960 Strat for Pete Anderson based on the 3 tone sunburst that he saw on the old Warmoth discussion board.  He sent me a 1960 Strat that had been finished with a bad white nitro job several years back.  Thankfully the origional finish was left in the trem route so I used that to match the yellow and stripped the white and re-did it in the origional 3 tone sunburst.  It turned out so nice.  In fact the yellows that I am using on my 3 tone sunburst's are based on the finish in the trem route on Pete's guitar.

The cool thing about that guitar is when they got it back and put it together Billy Gibbons happened to come into Pete's studio ( Little Dog Records) in LA and saw it.  They called me and told me that Billy thought it was really nice.  I ran into Billy in Santa Fe New Mexico about a month later and introduced myself to him as the guy that painted Pete's guitar and we had about a 20 minute conversation about lacquering guitars.  Then he put my wife and I on the guest list for the ZZ Top show that night in Rio Ranco New Mexico.  A very cool thing!!!!!!!!

This is in no way an endorsment of my work by either Billy or Pete it was just a really cool experience for me all the way around.


Wow!  I am such a ZZ Top fan too. I have seen them 3 times, and everytime, I swear they are the best live show. And I have seen 100 plus live shows, mostly back in the 70's and early 80's.  Funny, Frank Beard is the only one without a Beard. They used to open for Jimmie Hendrix, Jimmie told Billy, "don't make it complicated, just play what sounds and feels good"  something like that
That is so cool. ZZ is one of my favorite bands and of course Billy is a huge influence on my playing.
billys blues/rock tone is the best ever. i had a buddy hear in odessa tx who was hooked up with zztops promoters in the late 70s/early 80s and got to hang out at a couple concerts before the shows setting up the stage and got to watch him fooling around with his amps( he had three combos under the stage) before one show i guess he played for almost a half hour it was great he was ripping blues stuff and did alittle van halen also
shure was cool . love thier older stuff for shure
First time I heard/saw ZZ Top was on Cole Ave in Dallas at either The End of Cole or The Old Church in 69/70, it was before "1st Album" was released; I DO remember distinctly that cover was $1.00 and he was playing the '59 Les Paul "Pearly Gates" through a battered blackface Super reverb. The guy I went with (another player) and I knew Gibbons from the Moving Sidewalks, but wound up dragging our jaws on the floor even on the way out after the gig was over, they so thoroughly blew us away.
What a nice, classic combination....  especially if the Bassman is NOT a 5F7....(5F6a mo' better to me)