Black Strat build


I told my wife I would get her a Fender David Gilmour Strat when they came out. Once we saw the price there was no question about it....I'd build one. Here's the finished product. Details: Body made by a friend, Allparts SMNF neck, Gotoh Kluson tuners, Warmoth single ply pickguard, Seymour Duncan SSL-5 bridge pickup, Fender CS Fat 50's neck & middle pickups, Callaham bridge with shortened trem arm, Neck/bridge switch installed in pickguard, Reranch nitro primer, black & clear. It sounds as good as it looks!




Wow, that's an awesome build.
I normally don't care for creme pickups/knobs on black pickguards, but that looks killer.
The neckplate and decal are nice touches as well.
Also, I've gotten a lot of questions regarding the switch. I fabricated a bracket out of a piece of strap & used epoxy to attach it to the pickguard. Drilled two holes at the ends of the where the slot would go & used a Dremel to connect them.





Nice, I was wondering if you were going to have the switch.  Great build!  :headbang:
The mini-switch placement is brilliant!!  Out of the way without being annoying or distracting.  Very cool.

How secure is it?  Any chance it could come undone?
taez555 said:
How secure is it?  Any chance it could come undone?

It seems to be very secure. I roughed up the area to be glued on both the bracket & pickguard before I glued it. I pulled on it pretty good after it was dry & it seems solid. Also, the toggle only sticks up about 1/8" so you don't get much leverage on it.

Any chance it could come undone? I suppose but I'll deal with it if it does.  :icon_thumright:
Vegababy said:
Where did you get that decal from ? Nice !

The decal came from Ebay seller "brauskoh". He's done several for me and they have all been great. Highly recommended.