black korina tele deluxe, out of the box

was it hard to cut out the single coild on the body and how'd you route it on the pickguard............i wanna do something like that
Love the three pickups, and the stop tail!  Oh yeah, I guess that's a nice piece o'wood too.  :laughing11:  All around killer, man!
Thanks guys.. I had my local guy do the pickguard so it'd be nice and clean looking. I routed the body with just a hand drill w/ a routing bit. Doesn't matter if I do a hack job, since it's covered, you know?
If I do another build, (yea right), when I do another build, Tele with Korina top, Parchment pick guard, gold hardware.

Gotta go....have to prep the wife.....pleazzzzzzze.....just one more.........