Binding issue


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I'm kind of freaking out so hopefully someone can help.



Why the frick is the fret board bending up to the sky? It's only like this on the high side. The low side looks ok but my guitar sounds like a sitar. :laughing3: Can this be fixed or did I just get a $350 piece of crap?


I might cry. :binkybaby:
I just took the screws out and it looks fine so now I'm not sure why it's doing it. There's a buildup of finish under the binding making a lip that I think ming be pushing against the body... not sure...
sanded the finish residue off and it still does it as soon as I put the screws in... it looks like the binding itself has a lip at the end and it's hitting the body. Is how it normally is?


look on the left side - it looks way thicker than the rest and that's the side that's turning into a quarter pipe for the X-Games... I guess I need to sand this down?
I guess I'm just a total noob -  but I had no idea that I'd have to do anything to the binding. Seems to me that they farked up a little but I'm sure someone will tell me this is totally normal...  I hate learning on this guitar. I should have gotten my cheapo explorer body first.  :sad:
You're OK. Call Warmoth in the morning and they can go through the paces with you, measuring and such. Don't put the neck back on the body until after you talk with Warmoth.
Hey, hey, hey....slow down there boy!  I have not dealt with a bound neck from Warmoth, so your particular problem is not something I have seen, but I have read all those little blue pieces of paper that they sent me with my parts!  If something looks really out of whack, stop!   Don't do anything to it until you talk to them!  If something is wrong with that  thing and you go sanding all kinds of stuff there will be no chance to return it!  
Ditto - call Warmoth and tell them to look at the pics you posted. That certainly doesn't look right to me, but I'd wait until I talked to them before I tried sanding it down even; don't know if they'd want that sent back for exchange or tell you to try sanding it even, but don't start sanding until you talk to them.
Hey Gregg - - I just sanded down the binding so it's nice and flat now. If you look at the picture above you might be able to see that the one side of the binding had a large lip sticking up (or down when it's on the body and I'm sure that was the problem. There's even a small line dent in the finish on the body where that lip was hitting. I'm just going to try it now and if it's still farged up I'll call.
Oh well too late. I impulsively sanded binding because it just looked totally wrong to be how it was... :tard:  hahaha perfect smilie - it's called "tard" hahaha
You should had wait and talked with the, but I understand...  :icon_biggrin:
Impulse  :glasses9: (now you should multiply it by 137 and you get a south american feeling  :icon_tongue:  :eek:ccasion14:)

Hope it's ok now!
Yep that was the problem. I got a neck with mongo fat binding on one side + 2mm of red clear paint to top it off. Now it's fine.

So I guess to whoever did my neck: Close! But no cigar! hahaha  :laughing7:
Hey GOdrex: Could you PLEASE post a picture of what looks like your killer new trans red LP? I know more about the underside of that binding than I'll ever need to know, but you gotta give us some love here.
Glad that simple sanding solved the problem. Always best to go slow, don't force anything, think things through, take precautions.


I have a new issue. Anyone have the Gotoh TOM bridge. Mine moves more on the posts than any other TOm I've ever had. I checked it against my Parker TOM and it doesn't move at all at tension. I don't understand how you have intonate a bridge that can shift. Also the high E and B buzzes at the bridge. Not sure what that's about. I guess it could be the nut or the fact that the bridge can easily move around. I'm going to have someone look at this thing soon. Looks nice though.
NonsenseTele said:
GoDrex said:
Close! But no cigar!

I was just seen a ppt of beautifull cars and it showed again, what this mean?
not sure where it came from but it just means that they came close to perfection but not quite. it's probably from some old time boardwalk game that gave out cigars as prizes...
GD, I'm sure you'll get the little things sorted. I've had a few little issues like that; just like anything homemade, it takes more time, care, and knowledge at first but always tastes better in the end. That is part of the process.
Looks gorgeous.
installed nuts always have to be cut out better. always!

and the saddleslots also have to be cut out. that might be the core of the problem.