Binding cleanup....


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Just wanted to say, after scraping the binding on my Tele....  I found out that the StewMac sanding stick (fret dressing stick), essentially a 1/4 inch wide strip of sandpaper on a handy gizmo... its PERFECT for cleaning up binding.  You can get 400 grit paper for it and ... it makse that "final cleanup" a pretty easy and controllable thing indeed!~

Maybe I should order some; why did you have so much trouble, double binding on swamp ash you needed to fill between bindings? I've got the parts on order for my Tele '54 Gold Top build, just have the cream top binding, was hoping I could keep it masked off well enough not to need a lot of cleanup; top's maple and body is mahogany...
Not really trouble, but I never did binding before, just seen it done at Gibby via their various vid-clips.

So... they shoot the color, and then scrape the binding clean.  So thats what I did.  It was easy to do... but yellow on black... not too forgiving ya know?  Gold on creme is probably gonna be less of a problem. 

But, when ya scrape it, you get some inevitable chatter, maybe a lateral scrap (oops), some places where the finish or filler got on and is too thick to scrape... just cleanup places.  The sanding stick make the chatter go away.  Got a blob or two of unseen filler leveled out and gone.  Made the corners work well... and that @#$@#$ recurve on the upper bout (Leo's revenge).
With the Gold Top finish, doing the top's the last step, so I'm thinking masking will not be too much trouble and any potential seepage/overspray on the binding should wipe off with some lacquer thinner. Was going to try that buckskin dye you used on the BFT if the neck/body natural mahogany colors are close enough that I don't have to go darker to even them up.