Best place to buy wood for a carved top?


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So I've got a crazy bug in my head telling me that I want to attempt to build a carved top, thinline style guitar. For carving the top I want to do it primarily with hand tools, and I'm sure that this will require multiple attempts.

For the body wood I plan to get it from a local lumberyard; I bought 8/4 poplar from them that I used for my last build, and they cary other woods like mahogany which I might go with this time, but I'm not sure if I can get thinner lumber for the carved top from them. Do lumber yards normally offer say 3/4in or 5/8in surfaced boards? I suppose I could just ask...

I also have a Woodcraft in the area: they offer 3/4in boards but mostly 6in wide or less so I'd have to make a three piece top, which may be fine for practicing, but I'd prefer a two piece for the final product.
If you can keep your body width to 12" you can probably resaw on the table saw. I'm planning to use plain old SPF (aka 2x lumber) for my first body. Once the house projects get under control
Probably any number of places on the internet, even though I hate promoting ebay, there are plenty of sellers of wood billets. :dontknow:
Thanks guys, I think I'll see what. I can get locally to practice on and maybe a top from an online shop for the final product
I’ve looked in the past and they are expensive. I’ve considered investing in a bigger bandsaw and re-saw but I honestly don’t see myself digging that much deeper in the hobby. I think I’d rather just hand-pick a top when one catches my eye.

My only advice, do a practice run with plain maple or whatever approximates the wood you want to use

Bow River Wood to Works in Canada has some outstanding wood for tops.  Reasonable prices and nice people too!

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