Best hardtail bridge for intonation?


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I was wanting to get a guitar with a fixed bridge. I used to have a guitar that had a fender flatmount and I could never drive the low E saddle back far enough to make it intonated (that guitar had a 24 3/4 in neck though). Is the hipshot hardtail bridge better for intonation? Does anyone have a hipshot hardtail? I want to make a jim root fender strat but with warmoth parts.
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Was your 24 3/4 neck a "conversion" neck like Warmoth sells? Or just a regular 24 3/4 neck? If the latter, that would be your issue, not the bridge.

I've built several guitars with Hipshot flatmount bridges. They're great bridges, but I don't think they have any more intonation adjustment range than a regular Fender flatmount.

If you build with a Warmoth body and a 24 3/4 CONVERSION neck, you shouldn't run into any intonation issues with a Hipshot or Fender flatmount
Yeah, most likely it's the guitar as I've had a host of bridges, from 3 saddle brass to individual saddles, and bridges are not the issue. What did your luthier say? Good thing you dumped it.

Hipshot bridges are great. Never had a problem. Your E string problem, will not be due the bridge.

As for warmoth parts, go for it.

As for hardtail bridges, love gotoh tele intones and recently discovered callahams American std hard tail. Both three saddle brass. No problem with E string ... LOL!
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Occasionally, you might need to shorten a spring on a low E to get the intonation needed. Also on some trems.
GraphTech String Saver Classic saddles come with two sets of different length screws for proper intonation adjustment. I have them on two Fender hardtail bridges.
I know that's a joke but always remember the rule of scarcity. Good stuff is scarce and in demand. If it comes looking for you its not good stuff.
It's not a joke, seriously. I met Babicz at a guitar show, and the stuff he makes is first class. Great guy. A little bit too much engineering for me, but always top quality. You won't go wrong. I'm intrigued by his Bridge saddles. They look so cool.
Indeed, don’t click the link! I just ignore them so it’s a nonissue
In my experience, (and I’ve installed many Babicz bridges and saddles), the Babicz full contact saddles design will significantly increase the volume/sustain of an unplugged guitar. This translates to improved tone when plugged in. Each string is individually adjustable, both length and height. And it is far more comfortable to rest your hand against. No little adjustment screws digging into your palm.

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