Bass6 Neck on a Strat ??


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Hey guys,

I am new here. Not a first time Warmoth owner, I have a Tele neck I am putting on a Tele project, which is almost done.

In typical fashion, I am already looking for a next project... :headbang:

I really want a Bass VI (or Bass6). I thought about buying a Squier but I have a feeling I will not be thrilled with it. The neck and electronics being the weakest links...

So now I am looking at getting a Warmoth Bass6 neck and body. But I have a Squier strat body with 3 p90's that I would love to turn into a Bass VI. 

I know Warmoth says these Bass6 necks only work with the Warmoth Bass6 bodies. BUT, the specs say standard 4 bolt strat neck pockets, so what am I missing? Is it a bridge position thing?

Any insight or experience here would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Welcome to the forum.

I am not sure which specs you have seen but these are quite different.

Take a look by scrolling to the bottom of the following two pages.  Note the position of the holes for the neck mounting.

Then compare it to the position of the holes on a Strat neck.

One will not simply fit into the other and also a Bass VI has a 30" scale length which is also different to the design of a Strat.

And here is a thread which has lots of links which should be useful in general.

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Thanks for the reply.  I think what was throwing me off was, "Standard 4 Bolt" mounting holes and "Strat neck pocket shape".

I have already started spec'ing out a Bass6 body as well, but just wanted to ask the question.

Thanks again!