Bass bridge routs


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Hipshot A and B styles, Badass I, II, and III, ABM "Lockdown" bridge, ABM 3D...

Come on, Warmoth!  I am planning my first bass but your 4-string bridge routing options are weak!  I've got my heart set on string-through and I don't like the single-string ones... At the very least please bring back that kickass Gotoh 206!
Hipshot A bridges are available on Gecko models.  Leo Quann BAII models are the same rout as the Gotoh 201.

The manufacturer of the 206 bridge has ceased production and, as I am told, gotten rid of the tooling already.  It won't be coming back, but the bridge rout is still available.
No Hipshot A on 4 string basses.  Check out the Hipshot single saddle bridges though.  String thru I might add!
Have to agre with the guys, specially if the price on Warmoth site is for only 1 "saddle" of the individual bridge... and it cannot be used in existing 201 route...
I would like to see any other string-thru bridge for the other basses....
(well, I don't like the locking bridges on guitars, so probably won't like neither on basses)
dbw said:
Could you do a 4-string Hipshot A on a J or P bass?

locating a bridge and drilling the three/four/five holes ir really easy to do if you can can accurately measure and operate a hand drill.

that said, it would be really nice to see W add these very common bridge options to their bass body arsenal. they are standard sized holes of uniform size - nothing fancy like to extinct 2006 bridge.

I'm sure if the dimensions were provided the holes could be drilled as a custom job (read: added expense) ... and once they were done the first time, W would have captured the info for all posterity

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The individual saddles really aren't that expensive...less then $15 more then I payed for my badass II after shipping.
I don't have a drill press.... I can't drill perfectly straight with a hand drill, and I don't want to end up with "snaggle-toothed" ferrules on the back!  Warmoth has tons of equipment... seems like drilling a few holes isn't too much to ask!  I will probably end up getting a bass without a bridge rout and having a luthier install a Hipshot A.

This should happen shortly after I get my "economic stimulus" check from Mr. Bush...