Bartley Gel Varnish (satin) - Amazing!


I stumbled across this finish about a year ago & absolutely love it.    It's by far the best product I have found for "raw" neck fans.   It is easy to apply like an oil finish, but builds and protects better since it's a varnish.    It's fool-proof to apply, dries fast, & holds up well over time.     I have found that nitro lacquer on necks can feel gummy, oil finish doesn't protect maple properly, & satin poly will "gloss out" after being played for some time.     Great stuff... also good on raw rosewood fingerboards!

I buy the stuff online... just search for:   Bartley Gel Varnish, Clear Satin.   I recommend PINT cans as one can goes a long way & product does have a tendency to gel-up in can if it sits on shelf for too long.
Has anyone else tried this since, the above, original post?

I just ordered a pint, and intend on finishing both >> cherry bass body[re-finish] and maple neck with it.  Have read many good reviews on quite a few woodworking websites... and haven't been able to find any bad ones, so I hope it works as well for me!

- Please add any opinions and/or advice here, if you have any experience with Bartley, or any of the other gel finishes...thanks