Baritone string gauge


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For all you Warmoth baritone users,

For the baritone length (28 5/8), what gauge strings do you guys use, and in what tuning?
My Warmoth Strat Baritone uses D'Addario XL157's.


Tuned B to B, with an occasional journey into open G (whatever that is on a Baritone...) for Hot Tuna/Jorma Kaukonen songs.

No complaints, they stay in tune, and sound fantastic.
I've got a baritone project underway.  Tuned E-E the Intended gauge is 25-35-45-55-75-95. 
If that proves too mushy then I'll try 24-34-44-56-72-84.
Let me give this topic a good old-fashioned necro-bump  :laughing11:

Now that I just ordered a baritone neck I would like to hear more experiences from the baritone players here. There must be a few more with baritones lying around?