Back trem cover


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Should my new strat body (routed for Wilkinson) have come with a cover for the springs?

Should I get one?

Funky Phil

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Warmoth bodies don't come with a cover for the trem springs.

I like the look without one, and it can make string changes and trem adjustment easier if you don't fit one.

Some players think that it makes your guitar sound better if you don't have a cover, but I can't think of a good reason for this.


TTU Shredder

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I actually like having the cover, especially since I use alot of tremelo on my Ibanez. Their guards actually have long holes in them perfect for the screwdriver to go in and make it easy to adjust the string tension. But like funky phil said it is all about personal preference by the player. If you like the look go for it. With a strat you probably wont be adjusting the trem setting to often like you would with a floating trem.