Anyone here have a custom headstock shape done by themselves, or Warmoth?


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If so, how did it turn out?

I really want to do a custom headstock shape for my next build, but I'm nervous about sending in a outline drawing on paper.  Was it hard to get the tuner peg holes to line up perfectly?  Did you have the guys at Warmoth do it, or send it to a local woodworker or luthier?

Any info would be awesome, and pics would be even better...
I've never done it, but I have seen a tuner hole drilling template in the StuMac catalog.  Looks like it would take the worries about hole alignment out of the picture.
No I didn't use a jig. I just sketched up a full size drawing (just pencil and paper, no cad) and used a long straight edge to kind of eyeball where the holes would go. It was my first 3 per side headstock. I really didn't know how good things would fit until I put the guitar together. I had a couple of holes that were a little off so I had to dowel them and redrill. I used a drill press with a brad point bit to drill the holes. I first tried to use a small bit and then enlarge the holes but I learned it was better (at least better for me) to just drill the holes at the correct diameter. Since then I bought a template from Stewmac and I'm working on a new build which I'll have done in a month or so.
Nice job. I especially like the way the truss rod cover follows the theme of the headstock, great detail,  :headbang:





graph paper & pencil -> carbide hacksaw -> wood rasp, etc.
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I gave W this outline and they did the tuner holes to spec . I can't remember if I gave them a reference photo or not (10 years ago) , but I DID NOT draw hole placement .
I think i remember puttig a pencil mark at the edge of the headstock and they took it from there . dialog with them .if they can't work with it , RE-submit til you get it right !

this is the" tulip" or " gumby" headstock from gibson's moderne
Many times at work I'm thinking about a custom 4+2.  Like the old EBMM, but perhaps a bit longer? Would I still need a string tree? Am I too obsessed with straight string pull? :icon_scratch: I would love to pair a custom headstock with the 7/8 strat body shape. That would be really unique.
stubhead: that fretboard looks like pauferro, but what's the back of the neck? I dig.
I did this, not warmoth.


Did the draw up for the next several times then did a test cut and then the warmoth neck.
Neck plate was done by DangerousR6

stubhead said:
Brazilian phallus totems


Hey, don't put the blame on me.... YOU did this headstock with that "phallic" design  :laughing3:
(I like the bear holding the neck  :toothy12:)
EDIT: Actually it's a lion...
(I like the bear holding the neck  )
EDIT: Actually it's a lion...

That's not yer cheezy modern $39.95 Stew-Mac digital neckrest, that's an authentic Salvation Army 50-cent bin Vintage Analog neckrest.... I get better tone..... :headbang:

The neck is maple, dyed brownish rust. You "can't" dye hard rock maple... oops. :eek: It's supposed to look like blotchy dried blood, it goes with this:


This fashion scheme is supposed to look like the club a cannibal pirate king used to beat to death a temple full of virgin priestesses. As the other pirates said -
"what a fookin' waste of virgin priestesses, dude"..... :blob7: This guitar is finally set up totally awesome and plays, like,  totally scrumptious. Dude.